Robert T. McCall’s drawing of a Klingon ship for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.



People need to stop treating the E like she never existed.

The point of this post was to show off the main/most often seen ship from each TV series and the crew of that series. The Enterprise-E is a great ship and certainly deserves to be remembered! But it’s not the main/most often seen ship of Captain Picard and the crew of TNG. I can’t really include it and not also include Excelsior or the NX-02 Columbia and countless others, and then this post would get ridiculously long.

Maybe one day I’ll make a post like this for the less well known ships (that’s actually a really good idea!) but for this post, I limited it to just the ONE main/most often seen ship of each series. For TNG and Picard’s crew, that’s the D. (I don’t know how others feel about it, but as far as I’m concerned TNG movies still come under the category of ‘TNG’, they’re not separate shows, they’re a continuation of the TV show.)

Michael Westmore with Gates McFadden.

Behind the scenes on The Undiscovered Country. [x]

Behind the scenes on First Contact.