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Anonymous requested Worf which is kinda cool since from the little I’ve watched the Next Generation, Worf is my favourite.

Rick Sternback’s design for Voyager’s landing gear.

[source: Designing the Starship Voyager]

LeVar Burton and James Doohan between filming of Relics.


A drawing I did for a winner in a contest. She wanted a picture of original series Spock, and I threw in Uhura for good measure. :)

Jimmy came over and asked if in my free time could I draw some versions of real ships called Enterprise with the NX-01 being the final drawing… I said sure and would love to make these pieces for him.

[…] well I got busy and forgot about this request and Jimmy came in a few weeks later and asked about his drawings!!!!! he said that he needed them no later than tomorrow morning„, I said sure sure no problem„ He smiled and walked away, As soon as he was out of sight the panic hit„„ My desk was right next to my Boss’s office door and I tried for about an hour to hide jimmy’s drawings under Herman’s so I could fake a quick shuffle so he wouldn’t see my moonlighting.  It was almost impossible because he all of a sudden started visiting my desk every time he walked by.  By about 2:00 I was really panicked and faked a quick emergency phone call and asked to be excused early to get home… Granted I grabbed my stuff and ran over to the backlot and hid in one of the fake buildings on New York street climbed to the top of one where I new there was a table chair and work light and drew away. I got most of the drawings done by about 9:00 and it was time to head back to the office to use the copier and finish off the details.   Rats Herman was still in the office and he was there until after 10:00, I kept working in the shadows with his door in site. FINALLY He left and The trouble of an evil Xerox Machine began. By about 4:00 in the morning the copier started to take the paper and lucky for me because I only had 5 sheets left and 5 drawings to print. 

[…] Anyways Jimmy was there at 7:00 sharp and when I pulled out the drawings he kinda had a frown/smile like he lost a bet with someone over these being done on time.  He was very happy and said; Oh yah I forgot to tell you that there is only room for 4 drawings in the frame so the 5th wasn’t needed after all. […]

I loved every minute of it though!!!!

John Eaves on the pictures in Captain Archer’s ready room. [source]

Director Cliff Bole with actors Tim Russ and Robert Duncan McNeill during the production of Future’s End.

Excelsior-Class Starship
Production base: ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard, Mars
Type: Explorer
Accommodation: 750 officers and crew; 130 visiting personnel; 9,800 person evacuation limit
Power Plant: One 1500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; one impulse system
Dimensions: Length: 511.25 meters, beam, 195.64 meters; height, 86.76 meters
Mass: 2,350,000 metric tonnes

source: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual [Herman Zimmerman, Rick Sternback, Doug Drexler]

Dan Curry with the creature from Realm of Fear.

Shots of the NX-01 bridge and “plotting table”.